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Re: CV or MIDI Expression-Controlled Delay Time?

The MFooger would work, but the delay time is short.

sounds really good through.  I love mine.
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Subject: CV or MIDI Expression-Controlled Delay Time?

>    I am a guitar player [yet another one, forgive me lord...] and I am
> looking for a delay unit that has delay time controlled on-the-fly by an
> expression pedal, be it MIDI or CV based, as well as the ability to
> live from my guitar signal. There are a million little stomp delay pedals
> the market, but I need to be able to change the delay time without 
> over to tweak knobs or doing some weird foot stomping dance.
>    I don't care about the number of echoes/loops/layers[I always just use
> one]-But I want to be able to control the "tempo"/delay-time by variable
> expression, NOT a tap-tempo stomp.
>       Can anyone recommend ANY Setup/unit that would enable one to
> accomplish this feat with one's feet? Thus far the only suggestion I've
> was to use the out of production BigBriar MoogerFooger Analog delay with 
> CV pedal, but they are both pricey pricey and somewhat scarce. . . Any
> suggestions?
> -TIA, --Roots
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