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RE: Looping with Brother Sean & Summer NAMM

Great voice; similar to the singer in Creed.

It’s great to hear the Echoplex live, since I’ve just spent the last 150 hours, locked in a room on my own, up to my neck in Echoplex parts.

Lots of new stock will be built in the next couple of weeks and shipped to the US.

Anyone thinking of going to Summer NAMM next week can chat to Clive & Paul, (from the UK), or Kevin Van Pamel, (Gibson US), about all things Echoplex. I’ll make sure Paul has a pocket full of replacement Footcontroller switches for those of you who have dicky ones. I’d like to be there, but there’s simply too much to do.


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I would interested in thoughts and comments concerning this live clip of my band Brother Sean.


Just Hold Still



Brother Sean is just my brother (bass) and I (vocals, guitar & loops) and an MPC 2000xl playing the drum loop.

There is some guitar looping (using an EDP) in the middle of the song but more extensive loops at the end.


The vocal loop at the end as an Eventide Eclipse on it (Angelic Echos).


The drum loop has been modified since this was recorded; I’m pretty new at programming drums. But

working hard and learning!