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Re: Audio Interface options for recording loops

Damn- no PCMIA- well maybe a USB devise would work if you are only doing
stereo recording- I know the M-Audio USB stuff is PC/Mac-

USB 2.0 is faster than Firewire- main reason for the new protocol.

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> On Monday, July 15, 2002, at 11:57 PM, Clifford Novey wrote:
> > Not really- RME Hammerfall makes a PCMIA card which will allow
> > connection of
> > their MultiFace- great setup but will cost some money- as I understand
> > it it
> > is well worth it-
> I sometimes curse my ibook. No built in audio input.... and no bloody
> PCMIA :(
> I'm surprised that there are not more firewire audio cards on the
> market. Other than the two Motu units, which are incredible machines
> with an unfortunately matching price, there is nothing else on the
> market. USB was not designed for high-bandwidth data, whereas Firewire
> is designed just for that. It seems strange. And what is this bloody
> USB2.0? Is there a need for this? Who's idea was it to introduce yet a
> third option?
> Bah! Humbug! :)
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