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Re: OT: Stick Switching Unit

Title: Re: OT: Stick Switching Unit
Šso, how many thousands of dollars/pounds have you paid for that?
mr cornish asked me something about 12K/15K pounds to build a simple 5 loops box.
when i say simple, i mean REALLY simple (in, out, 4 mono loops, 1 stereo loop).
i'd like to keep my Porsche 911 in the garage rather than give it to him as an account for a switcher: unfortunately, there's no 911 in the garage neitherŠ ;-)


Hi everyone,
For several months I've been looking for a switching-unit that, apart from the usual Stick stereo routing, was also able of summing bass and melody together. Since I have a Echoplex loopingunit in my melodychain I needed such a device to loop my bass-side as well.
Today such a unit was delivered at my doorstep. It was a custom-pedal built by legendary British Pedalguru Pete Cornish. It rules!!!! I've never seen a sturdier build pedal, which features 2 ins and 2 two out. The volume is also boosted and can be adjusted via two trimpots inside the unit. I feel this unit is a must for every Stickplayer who likes to have a lot of flexibility in his soundrouting.
 You can check out other gear by Pete Cornish at www.pacifix-ltd.com
 If people are interested the can contact him through Pacifix or contact me remcohelbers@editionblue.com