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Re: Using the Behringer FCB1010 midi controller w/ echoplex

"I have a suggestion for you.  Could you guys make a midi pedal just for 
echoplex? You could have it set from the factory to to everything (in
non-erasable memory). Have how ever many banks you need to, set up from the
factory to do all of the most useful things."

not necessary.  pedals like the all access and certain cae units, 
etc. do EVERYTHING you might ever want out of a midi pedal.  anything more,
and simple switches and an expression pedal or two won't do much to control

"i don't understand what the difference would be. From the echoplex point 
view, it works exactly the same whether you use notes or cc."

the difference is the controller (which is more than likely the source of
the confusion here).  i found that the all access is easier to program 
cc instead of note.  just a personal anecdote, but if it worked for me...

"the Behringer pedal can't send one cc value when you press a pedal and
another when you release (it), so it won't work with cc"

that's why it helps to have different "types" of switches: momentary,
latching, and hold.  are these not options with the behringer?  one would
hope that they would be options, as having just one "type" of switch might
be fairly limiting.