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Re: Quick EDP Question...

This should get you to the LOOPIII & LOOPIV manuals...


Insert can be set to act as a replace function; but,
using it in "insert mode" inserts new material into
the existing loop, making it a longer loop consisting
of the old plus the new material. There is a whole
lot of stuff that can be done with insert. You should
do an archive search using "insert;kim" as the search
words. Kim has written at length on this topic. I do
believe it's his favorite feature of the EDP.

I hope you get an EDP. I look forward to hearing the


--- Goddess <thefates@earthlink.net> wrote:
>   Hey All, -just curious, -I've been thinking about
> purchasing an EDP of
> late.  -Is the insert function similar to the
> replace function on the
> Repeater?  -And, is there a comprehensive list of
> EDP functions or online
> manual I could browse for more info?  Thanks
> bunches...  
> smiles,
> CQ

John Tidwell

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