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Re: Dig if u will my research paper Chapter 3

Title: Re: Dig if u will my research paper Chapter 3
At 6:21 PM +0100 5/26/03, Geoff Smith wrote:
His piece Mescalin Mix was Riley's first attempts at live looping, "with the help of Ramon Sender, he made use of an Echoplex, a primitive electronic contraption allowing a sound to be repeated in an ever accumulating counterpoint against itself" 1

1 p98 Potter, Keith. Four Musical Minimalists (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2000)

At 8:14 PM +0100 5/27/03, Geoff Smith wrote:
No I didn't confirm to this, as the book is so recent and thorough I though it would be true.

I've just bought Potter's book and gone through the section on Mescalin Mix. The use of the two mono Wollensack decks is described as being used in creating early versions of the piece for Ann Halprin's dance company. A final polished version is described as being produced with Ramon Sender's help, and this is where the Echoplex is mentioned. In one of his e-mails to me, Ramon mentioned using an "Echoplex-type" device at the SF Conservatory, though he apparently used this to achieve reverberation effects.

So it seems probable to me that Terry did the layering for "Mescalin Mix" with the original Wollensacks and then added some reverb with Ramon's whatever-the-heck-it-was for some additional effects. I'll have to bring this up next time I see Ramon, but it's really a small detail in the present context.

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