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Re: in London

There's always a spare bed/room (double!!) at my house in Devon for u.
Failing that me and my partner will be in cambridge for the 21st.

I am excited as this will be my first dedicated all night live-looping gig.

on 4/6/03 12:54 pm, Matthias Grob at matthias@grob.org wrote:

> Hi brave english loopers
> I will arrive in London on Friday and stay with Steve Lawson and Renu
> (the not yet looping tabla/percussion player). Later on maybe visit
> Andy Butler or Geoff, be with Rick and Stuart and go to the Cambridge
> loop festival on 21. Then back to CH.
> So we have some time and some options to BrotherSync if anyone is up to 
> Also: it would be handy to borrow a rack of about 5 units, does
> anyone know where I could get one for this time?
> see you!
> Matthias