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Re: Anyone using a laptop for audio recordig ?

Good idea about the software !
I'm on a fairly tight budget, iwas going to get an external firewire drive
for audio (which i believe will be faster)
Im after 'moveable' more than 'portable' if you know what i mean

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Subject: Re: Anyone using a laptop for audio recordig ?

> --- David Swain <d.swain@blueyonder.co.uk> wrote:
> > Im lookig to slim down my recording gear, i use Steinberge nuendo on 
pc .
> > I'm looking into getting a laptop, but i am finding it hard to get any
> > figures on track count, etc
> >
> > Anyone using a laptop for recording ?
> I don't use one myself, but I believe a lot of the companies that produce
> recording software include a tool which you can use to estimate how many
> your computer is capable of. Perhaps you could take the tool with you 
> shopping for a laptop and try it out?
> My understanding is that the biggest problem you'll run into is the speed
of the
> small form factor hard drives they put into laptops. Most of them are 
rpm or
> slower, creating more latency in getting the data you want on and off of
> then a faster drive would. Plus, you generally only get one drive, so you
> your OS competing for I/O with your recording software.
> I've heard of people doing recording on laptops though, so I know it's
> so good luck. Maybe it'll do what you need (though perhaps less then what
> might ultimately want?).
> Greg
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