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Re: Frippertronics and Soundscapes

David beardsley wrote:

> Plus, a way to get them to play his music without
> the students attempting to insert their artistic vision
> and dilute his?

Nah. All the Guitar Craft albums have compositions by others beside Robert
Fripp. I'm looking at the first, and credit is given to Essex and the 
in addition to Fripp on various cuts.

And re. Terry's hot/cold comments on his personal interaction with RF, I
think we can all call up seemingly wicked cruel behaviour by musicians who
changed how we listen, and many of us will have had extended personal
contact with them. That Zappa! Boy, he stole from everyone! And ya wanna
talk about mind games - how about ol' Captain Beefheart twisting the Magic
Band all over! And did Miles really kiss his own mother with that mouth? 
the way Charlie Parker treated poor Bud Powell... and Benny Goodman, now
there was a skunk... and Buddy Rich, you ever hear the "bus tapes?" I hear
Bach's father was a pretty fine musician, and he treated poor J.S. like
toilet paper!

When feels hurt or shortchanged by another, fact and opinion become very
hard to seperate. We all carry our own truths. Let us all be with each 
now, with love.
Douglas Baldwin, coyote-at-large