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Re: Frippertronics and Soundscapes

Terry Blankenship wrote:

> Later that same night someone took a photo of him
> while we were performing and he stopped in the middle
> of the song, pointed his finger at the audience member
> and screamed through the p.a. system "That is a
> violation", then had the camera confiscated.

When the League of Gentlemen played East Lansing, Fripp went outside to
inspect the line waiting to get in, to make sure no one was carrying
recording equipment.  He spotted one guy carrying a philosophy text and
started a conversation with the guy because he (Fripp) was very fond of
that text.  The poor guy was sweating bullets for fear that Fripp would
grab the text and turn to a particular page to quote a particular
passage: he'd hollowed the book out to provide a hiding place for his
tape deck.

John McIntyre
Physics - Astronomy Domine Dept
Michigan State University