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Sitting, standing, etc. (was Re: Akai Heardush , a little frustrated, please help..)

People's opinions on the "right" or "best" way to be on stage vary 
greatly depending on context and personal preferences.  If you're a 
string quartet, sitting down and music stands don't give anyone pause.  
But if you do the same thing and you're in a power-pop-punk band, there 
may be a collision between audience expectations and your presentation. 
  There's always going to be a balance between what's most comfortable 
and/or effective for the musican and what people want/expect to see.  
There's tons of great musicians who sit down, use sheet music, or wear 
their strap "too short" or who just stand there looking at their shoes, 
and vice versa.


On Friday, June 20, 2003, at 02:45 PM, 
Loopers-Delight-d-request@loopers-delight.com wrote:

> Oh, and I also think that standing or sitting musicians that are 
> playing
> freely
> look much better than musicians with music stands in front of them, 
> that does
> really turn me off! (only slight change of subject) but the last bass
> player in
> my (acoustic non-looping band) had a music stand when the rest of us 
> played
> from memory and improvised freely - I think it looked aweful - I like 
> to see
> that musicians can play freely enough to be able to develop the music 
> with one
> another as they play rather than being tied down by the written 'dots'.