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Re: EDP quest: unrounded multiply --> record goes back to loop 1

At 01:52 PM 6/24/2003, Per Boysen wrote:
>Since I got LOOP4 I have found that whenever I'm ending an unrounded
>multiply with record my EDP goes back to loop 1 (if I'm not already in
>loop 1). Why?

that's strange, it doesn't do that here. as usual, if you want to report a 
problem like that you need to provide a lot more details. parameter 
settings and the exact sequence of steps you took are necessary.

>I was looking all over http://www.aurisis.com for the PDF loop4 manual
>but only the loop3 manual was published there - and I already have that
>one on paper ;-)  What's the trick to fine this loop4 manual ppl keep
>referring to?

Everybody who bought LoopIV from us or was a beta tester was sent a manual 
with their copy. You're not in my records as being in either one of those 
categories, so I'm a little unclear how you got a copy of LoopIV..... but 
that probably explains why you don't have a manual. Maybe it explains why 
you have a bug too....

anyway, just go to the LoopIV section of the aurisis site, under products:

the link that says "download the Loop IV v1.1 Upgrade Manual" is the one 
you want.


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