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Re: Syncing my Echoplex to the Echo pro

At 11:15 AM 6/25/2003, Alessandro Ricciarelli wrote:
>Thanks for your reply - it's confusing, since in the
>Line6 Echo Pro's Manual it says that the looper will
>accept Midi commands (such as 101 for "play", 102 for
>"overdub" a.s.o.) So I thought it might be possible to
>have the Echoplex transmit those Midi messages ....

the Echoplex won't send commands for a different device. It does send the 
right commands for another echoplex, so you can chain echoplexes together 

You could just use a midi controller programmed to send the right commands 
to each device when you push one button. The two will basically start and 
stop recording at the same time if you do that. However, they will slowly 
drift apart because you do not have any sync connection between them, and 
the two loops can never be precisely the same length. It might be ok for a 
short time. When you have a sync connection between them this problem is 
solved, since it will correct the drift and keep them together forever. 
Unfortunately the echo pro does not have midi sync for the looper 
so you can't sync it to anything.


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