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Problem with Echo Pro and MIDI foot controller...

I looked through the archives (because I thought if anybody had a problem
with this ot would be somebody here) but couldn't find this problem

I set my Ground Control Pro up to control the Record/Overdub and Play/Stop
buttons on my Echo Pro. The problem is they don't exactly act like the 
panel buttons with the same name. Specifically, when you go from record to
play on the front panel and then hit stop, a press of the record button 
immediately start you recording new material. Using a MIDI footswitch for
the same function, a press of "Record" starts you the same. A press of
"Play" works the same. "Stop" works the same. Now, if you press "Record"
again you've really sent an "Overdub" command and nothing happens. You have
to press "Record" a second time to initiate recording.

I would just program two separate switches as dedicated "Record" and
dedicated "Overdub", but Line 6 conviently left "Record Only" out of the
continuous controller programming. FRUSTRATING!!!