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Re: Eberhard's intonation...

> I've never heard him play in person, but I would be interested
> to hear him fumbling around on the bass as you describe. All
> we have is your word.
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> * microtonal guitar
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Absolutely - what I find distasteful may be considered perfectly fine to
some. I wouldn't have called it fumbling, more that as he got further and
further up the dusty end of his bass, the accuracy of his pitch got more 
more random. in a band situation, it probably wouldn't have been so
noticeable, but when he was layering stuff up with the EDP, the combination
of pitches was way off. I know how tricky it is to do - I do a lot of
layered fretless stuff myself, and occasionally glitch the pitch. From what
I heard on that gig (could be a freak occurance, though other players I've
spoken to attested to a similar experience when watching him live), he just
didn't have adequate control over his thumb position playing.

I don't play upright. If I ever get one, I'll be taking it straight to a
luthier and getting at least very obvious position dots on the board, if 
getting the whole thing lined... I'll never buy an unlined fretless bass...