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SPAM: Digitech 7.6 Time Machine up for grabs

Yup, I'm selling the ol' Time Machine.  It's in
excellent condition; complete with all original knobs,
switches, and original un-shortened power cord. A
pretty clean unit.  

If you don't know what it does, check the gear review
archive here or do a search.  In a nutshell you have
7.6 seconds of sound-on-sound delay with a hold
feature and plenty of hook-up options.  Real-time
control of all parameters including speed and width. 
Plenty of funky looping to be had with this unit!

I hate to see it go, but I was *thinking* about
consolidating my one rack anyway when my synth became
terminally ill.  So, the 7.6 is what I've deemed to be
the sacrifice to the gods of economy.

$100 plus shipping.  Money orders only please.  I have
plenty of references and will point you towards my
Ebay feedback.

Thanks!  Sorry for the SPAM, but at least it's looping gear.

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