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Loop.pooL tour update, finally

letter to loopers delight:

Hi everybody,

I am visiting Michael Peter's at his beautiful home outside of Koln
(Cologne),   Germany,   struggling with a German kezboard (get the 
as I have struggled so far with Swedish, British and French keyboards.

Michael is outside loading up for our performance tonight and we are about
to go check out the amazing cathedral which is even more astonishing than
all the photographs I've seen of it , heretofore.

We have had extremely limited e mail capabilities and , until today , no
ability to update the tour diary on my website (www.looppool.info) for the
last few weeks and although I have continued to write entries, none of them
have been posted until today.

Chris, my webmistress (oooh,   I like the sound of that) finally got it
uploaded so if you are curious, go there and check it out.

I really haven't had the chance to write in depth about the Cambridge Loop
Festival , but suffice it to say that it was really great.  I'll try to get
the time to do so in the next couple of days.

The short story is that the tour has had it's fair share of drama:    some
gigs have been cancelled completely (notably greece and paris) and some
gigs, like the wonderful gig with Stuart Wyatt in Paris came up out of the
clear blue sky (or clowdy blue sky as was the case in gay Paris) on the day
of the event.

The highlights have been the fantastic people that I've gotten a chance to
hang out with and play with (and I'm really looking forward to playing the
1st BERLIN LIVE LOOPING FESTIVAL tomorrow with Leander Reininghaus, Andreas
Willers, Centrozone and Michael Peters---and perhaps a few other's that I
haven't heard about) and seeing the beautiful sites of some of the world's
most incredible cities:  Stockholm, Belfast, London, Paris, Cologne, etc.).

Dragging this much equiment has been an incredible challenge and yesterday
the handle on one rack case and two wheels on my Gator cases blew out and
I'm sweating getting the time to get them fixed.     Long inner city runs
over cobble stones in both Stockholm and, the day before yesterday have
proven to much for these cases that have, heretofore, been really awesome
and reliable.

Well, I have just discovered that my backup e mail account has been
overfiltering all my emails (causing me to miss the 1st Paris Looping
Festival which had been planned by my good friend April King and didn't 
occur because I never recieved her e-mails to

So off to weed out the 100 some odd spams I have to get to the important
stuff while Michael is off to get gasoline for our long drive to Berlin.

Hope you are all well.    I won't be able to read the Loopers Delight list
until I return home because e-mail is so sporadic, but I'll be back with a
vengeance come August 1st....................LOL.............don't say I
didn't warn you.     Yours warmly,   Rick