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Digitech 7.6 Time Machine sound-on-sound delay/looper For Sale (again)!

Sorry for the spam again, but I know this may be of
interest to my fellow loopers.

One excellent condition Digitech Time Machine for sale
again thanks to a deadbeat. It's the rack mount delay;
complete with all original knobs, switches, and
original un-shortened power cord. A pretty clean unit.
I even got some spare jack nuts for the jacks in the
rear of the unit (usually these don't come with these

If you don't know what it does, check the gear review
archive at Harmony Central or here at
wwww.loopers-delight.com. In a nutshell you have 7.6
seconds of sound-on-sound delay with a hold feature
and plenty of hook-up options. Real-time control of
all parameters including speed and width from the
front panel. Plenty of funky looping to be had with
this unit!

This a rack-mounted treasure. There are internal
trim-pots you can adjust for even longer delay times
and more weird sounds. It does great standard delays,
flanging, chorus, etc., but you probably wouldn't use
it for that. This thing excels at drones, pitch
shifted delays, warbles, loops and the like.

$100 - shipping is $9 in the continental US.


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