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Re: (affordable) stereo (live) looping?

At 9:14 AM -0400 7/13/03, Bill Fox wrote:
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>From: "Chris Muir" <cbm@well.com>
> > But the JamMan is not a stereo device. It passes the stereo dry signal
>through, but the loop is mono. It mixes the two inputs into its mono loop 
>plays the mono loop through both channels.
>Isn't there a mod to make it true stereo?  Or has my mind totally gone to 

Well, one wouldn't like to comment on the mushiness, or lack thereof, of 
another's mind.

That said, I don't remember hearing about a mod to make the Jamman true 
stereo. It would be a fairly complicated mod without much market for it, 
IMO. There is the Bob Sellon OS chip that adds a bunch of functionality, 
but doesn't modify the hardware for you. :-)

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