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RE: Repeater and sync from midi in

> on closer examination, the repeater seems to be trying, despite the 
> external clock, to figure out the "native" tempo of the 
> incoming audio 
> for itself.
> >
> > and it gets it wrong- in my case, it usually doubles it. so what I
> > hear is (say) a loop that the repeater thinks is 180bpm but being 
> > played at 90bpm which is how fast the clock is running 
> that's going up 
> > it's rear. I suspect it's something to do with the exact moment you 
> > drop it out of record, but I'll have to experiment with 
> putting PC's 
> > into a sequencer (to replace my haphazard button pushes) and see if 
> > that improves matters. watch this space.

Guys, that's a Repeater flaw I like! I use to record loops into EDP and
Repeater at tempi 40-100 BPM with no problem. That's with EDP sending
midi clock sync related to the setting 4 8ths/cycle. Then I sometimes
change EDP program to 32 or 64 8ths/cycle and the resulting tempo is
usually way to fast for the Repeater to catch. But the wonderful thing I
have discovered is that the machine seems to divide the tempo so the
music is still "in sync" from a rhythmic point of view. 

Best wishes

Per Boysen
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