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Re: Reaktor 4 as gtr processor

Do you know how he connects by any chance?  I've been interested in trying
this for a while, but I have been reluctant.  Thanks


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From: "Scott Hansen" <scott-a-hansen@uiowa.edu>
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Sent: Tuesday, July 22, 2003 10:34 AM
Subject: Reaktor 4 as gtr processor

> david coffin sent me a "demo cd" of
> his explorations of using the Reaktor 4 as a gtr processor.
> WOW!
> if you love effects mangling and have a computer, that
> sounds like the route to go!!! (i don't have a home
> computer so i guess i can only dream...).
> the filters sound incredible, as does the pitch shifting
> and delays. it really does some incredible guitar mangling,
> to the point that you wonder if it's guitar anymore, b/c
> it sounds like keyboard exploration. but that's stuff
> i like (for some strange reason). at times some of the
> effects sound similar to what i've seen henry kaiser do
> w/ his eventide h3000 processor w/ the band pass effects,
> etc... and i think from the sheet that david sent w/ the
> "demo cd" says that some of the plugins are based
> on eventide effects. so if you have an eventide unit maybe
> you don't need to do sound processing w/ software? but
> i will say that david's cd definately shows what reaktor
> 4 can do w/ guitar in processing, etc.
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