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RE: midi looper

> > now let me bring up a couple of neat ideas that make a
> > midi looper a cool idea:
> To the ones Jon mentions, I would add:
> * easy algorithmic processing on the looping data (e.g.
>   a simple fractal algorithm on a small phrase produces
>   lots of complexity)
> * Forcing tonality on the notes, adjusting them to a particular scale
> * Forcing atonality (adding slight randomness to pitches)
> * Filter half the notes out, making it less dense and
>   new rhythms emerge
> * Convert some of the notes into chords
> * etc.
> It's different than audio, and there are pros and cons.
> I'm a happy MIDI looper, but I can't say I've explored even
> a small fraction of what you could do.  I tend to combine 
> looping with exploration in controllers and other things.  See:

these are some really cool ideas, but i think only feasible in a software 

>       http://nosuch.com/images/bm2003 
> for a description of what might be the biggest looping instrument in the 
> (I doubt that it is, but it'll be interesting to hear about the bigger 
> Come to Burning Man and check it out!
>    ...Tim...

wow, way cool...