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Re: Switchblade

>I've got a swicthblade gl, jim has an 8 i think.

Very cool...thanks for your reply.

Looks like I need a GL (16). I'd be about ready to max out an 8 right 
now, and I know I'll need some growing room, so to speak. Have you 
come anywhere near maxing out your GL? Or does it adequately handle 
everything you have?

>Basically it's fantastic !

Is the sound quality everything it ought to be? Do you feel like it 
sucks any of your tone? Or do all your fx still sound great--just as 
they would if you didn't hook them up to the GL?

>The only problem can be one of too much choice .......... but this 
>is always the way when things get more involved

Yeah, I hear you. But that's a problem I can live with!

Thanks again,