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Re: ot: Kim on TV...

At 10:22 AM 3/8/2005, stanitarium@earthlink.net wrote:
>turned on the tele last nite to catch my friend <Jenelex> on the Discovery
>channel show POWERTOOL DRAG RACING.  she was driving 'The Phoenix Chainsaw
>Chopper' and she lost :-(
>and next, to my surprise there's KIMFLINT and partner, together called
><CHAIN HUR> w/ their radio controlled chainsaw<GLADIATRIX> and their
>contraption beats<APOCAYPTIC FIST OF BLACK DEATH> and wins the race.
>coupla interviews w/ Kim and it all looked too cool...
>good to see you get out once in a while, Kim

haha, glad you caught that Stan. Yep, that was me on the teevee. I'm now a 
reality tv star, just like everyone else. We're on again next week for 
episode 3 of the Power Tool Drag Races, 8pm and 11pm, discovery channel. 
had a lot of fun doing that.

For loop content, Brian Kenny Fresno performed his version of the national 
anthem to start the races on the second day. (ohh, let's drink some beer!) 
They probably won't put that in the show though. But it is an example of 
alternative venues to find a gig.


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