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I've been reading the sci-fi novel "Chasm City" by Alastair Reynolds. I've 
already read this book several times, but am going through it again because
I like it so much. Wildly imaginative sci-fi that doesn't violate the laws
of physics; Reynolds is an astrophysicist. Probably my favorite sci-fi
novel. There is an amazing sub-plot about a flotilla of ships making a 
centuries-long trip across interstellar space. A guy on one of the ships
becomes a Hitler-like despotic leader.

I am also working through the biograpy of Leon Theremin, "Ether Music and
Espionage". If you ever get to thinking you have a rough life, just read
a book about anyone who lived in Stalinist Russia! It'll make your life 
like a picnic. Sheesh.

Also reading about the programming language TCL so I can write Expect 
at work. 

Mark Smart

time for the annual "what's everyone reading" question and do you read with your shoes on?....:).....i have become addicted to books by JAMES LEE BURKE and STEPHEN HUNTER, your basic easy reading adventure/mystery books, bigger than life flawed "good" guys vs. the forces of evil.....i have also been reading alot of "historical" fiction.....i regret to say that i have not read a SCI FI book that i have enjoyed for the longest time, unless you count NEIL STEPHENSON'S "QUICKSILVER" part 1 of a 3 parter.....shoes?, i only read in the shower!.....:)mk