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Re: running two amps at once

At 6:12 PM +0000 3/21/05, Andy Morris wrote:
>sorry to be too vague originally. other than the boomerang and dl4 
>the effects are rather simple. all of the effects run before the 
>boomerang in the chain and no effects are added to the boomerang's 
>output. current setup is a fender deluxe strat > morley mono volume 
>pedal > snarling dogs mold spore wah/ring modulator > ibanez ts9 
>deluxe tube screamer > dunlop jimi hendrix model crybaby > line 6 
>dl4 delay modeler (being ran mono right now) > boomerang+ phrase 
>sampler > '65 reissue Fender super reverb 4x10".
>my exact intentions are for every sound that comes out of the 
>boomerang to be transmitted by a seperate 2x12" combo and that amp 
>only. my guitar should be sounding from the 4x10" combo only for a 
>larger lead sound. both amps will run simultaneously so no a/b 
>switch should be necessary. hopefully this makes everything a little 
>clearer. thank you.

This makes everything a lot clearer. All you need to do is to split 
the signal before the Boomerang and send one leg to the 4x10" and the 
other leg to the Boomerang and thence to the 2x12".  This will give 
you the sound of the guitar, with all the effects, coming from the 
4x10" and the output of the Boomerang (also with all the effects as 
they are recorded into loops on the 'rang) coming from the 2x12".

You can split the signal using simple, cheap, passive "Y" adapters. 
You can buy these pretty much anywhere. The most flexible choice will 
be to use an adapter with one male plug and two female jacks, plus 
two 1/4" TS cables. Plug the male end into the left output of the DL4 
and then use the two cables to attach the Y-adapter (Female #1) -> 
Boomerang and the  Y-adapter (Female #2) to the 4x10".


Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202