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RE: Guitar MIDI pickups

Is there a problem with using the MIDI out on the Roland floor unit? 
Or, you could do what Bob Weir did: get a Casio body and put a 
Modulus Graphite neck on it! He had a bunch of these in the 90s. He 
even had a way to do it all wireless.


At 2:03 PM -0500 3/25/05, Alan Kroeger wrote:
>No problem there Mike those sites helped me a bunch when I still had some
>MIDI Guitar equiptment. I think there weren't many systems out there with 
>onboard converter module so, finding one used might prove difficult. I 
>a look at one of the casios I found on ebay looks like the electronics 
>up a lot of space in the instrument and might be quite a bit of work retro
>fitting to another instrument (not impossible) It might be better to just
>buy and use a Casio which is fairly dated technology. I had a Roland GI-20
>for a while and it set me back a few dollars but, with that system I could
>choose any sound module I wanted. I got tired of MIDI guitar and decided 
>just go with DSP processors instead.
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>Well, I don't have anything yet - I'm just looking at the moment.
>On eBay, there are a couple of Casio midi guitars with 5-pin midi out 
>right on the guitar that (I
>believe) have the converter right on board.  So, I assumed one could buy a
>complete pickup/converter that just installed on the guitar itself.  The
>search goes on...
>Thanks for the help.


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