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Re: soft loopers


There was a list of plug-ins posted on the list recently.  Check
kvraudio.com for  angstrolooper, loopy lama, and elottronixXL, some
great free relatively straight-forward windows VST loopers.

On Sun, 27 Mar 2005 12:15:46 -0500 (US Eastern Standard Time), Dylan
<looper@zenprobe.com> wrote:
> Hi, newbie question. I'm in a group where everyone plays acoustic
> instruments and has some electronics- floor boxes, computers etc. I have 
> computer and I would like to recreate performance looping on it, using
> footswtiches/keyboard/midikeyboard. I'd like to find out whats out there
> in terms of vst effects etc. I checked the archives but didn't find
> anything concrete. I've made some software looping effects before, but 
> like something really plush. It seems delay effects are just about the
> only thing that can work well as live effects on a computer because of
> latency. If I can't find anything that really fits the bill, I will
> likely go ahead and design something.
> Thanks,
> Dylan
> (ps we are playing at the empty bottle in chicago next month- squirm)

Art Simon