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Back after a loong "sleep"..

So, what can i say. I'm back. After a lot of turmoil in my worklife.

What happend to my VST Looping Plugin "Wecho Wecho"? Well, basicly it's 
on ice. Practicly it boils down to sync-issiues and problems with 
floating point calculations in different VST-hosts.

So anyway, i'm still livelooping on a regular basis, and i will (if i 
get some time over) put some recorded stuff up soon. :)

On an other note. I went to the Jamie Cullum concert at Cirkus, 
Stockholm, Sweden last night. And 'lo and behold! Jamie did a cover of 
the White Stripes song "Seven Nation Army" (is it their song or did they 
also do it as a cover?) and i believe he used the Boss RC-20 Loop 
Station and a microphone. Clapping, Punching the mike, Drumming on the 
Piano, Strumming the strings in the piano. As a base and then he jammed 
and sang to that, and the whole venue went wild giving him standing 

So add Jamie Cullum to the list. All in all it was a great evening. :)

Now i'm off to get some breakfast. Maybe i'll put up some mp3s for you 
all later today. :P

/Tias - Livelooper dee lite.....