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Acoustic questions and "Hello!"

My name is Matthew, I have been playing guitar for 15 years, last 10 mostly acoustic, and i recently got into Keller Williams...AND, i am fired up and dying to set up a simple rig..something i can afford...i can see in former posts that the echoplex and other high end peices work nicely...
well, here is my idea...i want to mic the guitar...(acoustic pickup?)...have it run through the "looper"..and  a mic for my wife and i to sing...(if it could run through the looper, great, but i realize with my budget!?!)...and then have a speaker system...(amp, or small PA set up...)  all for not much money...100 dollars...HAHAHA, ok, no, may 300, i know, ah, 400 with it all ready to go?!?  i hear that you dont need a guitar amp with the acoustic...or even shouldnt...but i want a system to take the mic too...the singing mic that is...
if i buy...say a Boss RC 20...will that work well with an acoustic...i am in the dark here...i dont know what is out there lately...and for my price range...i know, please stop laughing;)  at the very least i would like to know if a regular "slap in the soundhole" pick up in my blueridge will be ok with something cheap as a RC 20...or would it be a waste of money?
thank you

                                           Harmony and Matthew

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