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RE: YaHoooooE!

I really like the subject matter of the narration in the intro, and the whole series of songs in fact.  From healthy skepticism to transcendental metaphysics. Who is the older woman speaking?
I forget....I pulled it off the net.
 I also enjoy very much the combination of genres....and then on to hedonism and astrophysics, ultimate singularities, the big bang, the holographic universe theory, jazz, string theory and curled up dimensions, etc.  Interesting stuff, all some of my favorite topics.  I like what you've done with the music to compliment the concepts as well.  .first time I've heard sex and physics combined this way before.  Did I hear Howard Zinn and a quote regarding class struggle and history from his Peoples' History of the US?
Yes you did....More and More I think Zinn for President.
Sounds like a C-Span edition where he was lecturing.
Some of the narrations sound as if you are having a voice program read a script from an article or book, such as the PDF text to voice feature....gives it an amost Stephen Hawking sort of feel.
Yes, I use the AT&T codecs with TextAloudMP3 as an engine.
Do you think it's marketable?  
Kris, Thank you for your listen time.

From: Sony Felberg [mailto:sony@real.com]
Sent: Friday, July 08, 2005 11:09 AM
To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
Subject: YaHoooooE!

        I just finished my disc. I have been working on it form more than 18 months. I'd like to thank you all. Discussions and example provided by you all helped me a lot for formulate and complete this project.
        This is not a Loop disc like most. I combined the concept of Found Sound Composition with Loop Music to produce what I have always wanted to try, the restructuring of sound to create music...
        Now, here's the ask: I'd love some comment. I am not sure about the marketability of this project. I maybe only me that likes this stuff. Please, if you can find the time, listen and send me some feed back. I have a thick skin.
Each song is treated more like a movement with chorus joining them together. The chorus are used like Greek chorus appearing to move the story along. That's all I'll say.....it's some what a concept project.
Thank you!