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"Microscopic Horrors" Loop Music Microscopy DVD Now Available Digitally

Last year I announced the availability of a new experimental music video 
DVD that I produced, entitled "Microscopic Horrors."  This was a loop 
music video - partly educational and partly a parody of 50's sci-fi / 
horror flicks - of live microscopic organisms that I shot with my USB 
enabled microscope at 400X magnification, and then added music from my CD 
"Places" as the soundtrack.  I gave away a bunch of these little suckers 
at Y2K4, and also sent free copies to about 15 of you on this list.

I posted some small, lower quality samples of this DVD to the Looper's 
Delight shortly after releasing the DVD, but very recently I finally 
ripped the entire DVD to mpeg and then converted to smaller Windows Media 
and Real Media formats. So, here's the whole thing available for download!

http://box.net/public/khartung/files/250088.html (WMV)
http://box.net/public/khartung/files/250072.html (RM)

Also, you can find out more about the DVD here: 

"I haven't found anything similar, which is kind of a surprise. It is a 
cool topic. I really enjoyed your video work. It reminded me oddly of 
something from Lovecraft-- moving gelatinous shapes mounted on walls-- 
very cool!" (Thomas Park, Mystified, www.mystifiedmusic.com)

"Wonderful, and very creative" (Michael Peters, Musician and Artist, 

"This film will move the viewer at one level or another rather than 
leaving a sense of blasť', but only those who share Hartung's sense of the 
absurd and understand his humor will truly 'get it'" (Grant Keely, 
Musician/Writer/InfoTech Deviant) 

I enjoyed making this video so much, that I hope to produce a "Microscopic 
Horrors II" next spring, and this time I'd like to get some of you 
involved in composing your own loop music as components of the soundtrack. 
 I think some of you might get a kick out of writing music to videos of 
bizarre microscopic organisms.


Krispen Hartung