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Re: Troubleshooting my EDPs and FCB....Again (factory reset guidance)

On Jul 10, 2005, at 20:23, Torstein H. Rem wrote:

> To Kris an others with two EDP`s.
> While talking about syncing two EDP`s I``ll use the chance to ask  
> about sync problems.
> Even when hooked up right I have problems. For each repeat of a  
> loop the soundstage
> will drift over to one side more and more and getting out of phase.  
> Next time (loop) it might drift
> over to the other side. More or less randomly.
> This has been discussed before, I believe. Someone installed some  
> new clock(s) ?
> What to do about it?
> Both my EDP`s are from the same period (beige Gibson).
> Thanks!
> T.

And how do you synchronize them? One to the other by midi clock, both  
to each other by brother sync or both to an external midi clock  
source? The last method can be done either by letting the midi pass  
through one and into another or by splitting the midi clock sent and  
leading it directly into both EDPs. I guess you would already use the  
latest method if you run them set to the same midi channel, i.e. as  
two clones reacting to the same midi controller data.

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