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Re: EDP_mix

>is there anybody out there who has done some planning and soldering 
>already for the following problem:
>instead of using the EDP's audio in and out and an external mixer I 
>would like to transform one of the foot control plugs into a dry 
>signal output and use the mix knob either the way it has always been 
>or as a volume control of either the loopy or the dry signal - see 
>what I mean?

yes, the loop delay did exactly that!
U2 pin1 would be the apropriate output. use about 33uF cap and about 
1kOhm in series. it should be possible to make the plug switch off 
the direct signal from the ordinary output, but:
- the mix pot is linear, so it will never turn into a ordinary volume 
- if the direct signal is disconnected from the mix pot, it does not 
control volume at all. I would need to be grounded. The plug probably 
can switch this with its ring connector...

I am near zürich this month :-)

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