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Digitech Jam Man and EH Instant Replay

Hi all,

I recently pulled my old EH Instant Replay out of the closet and wondered 
I could replace it with something similarly crunchy and gritty-sounding, 
more flexible (more memory etc.). I was thinking of some kind of 19"
rackmount digital with sampling/hold function that could be triggered
externally (from e. g. a drum machine or a sequencer). Any recommendations?
And what is the current going rate for an Instant Replay with Trigger pad?

Anyway, after having toyed around with it for a couple of hours Iīm
beginning to realize what made the original 16 Seconds Delay so special and
so desireable... it rarely happens that a digital device produced such
musical crunchiness... yummy! I suppose the re-issued 16SDD does sound
nowhere near as neat, right?

Does anybody know if the Digitech Jam Man can be used the same way as the
original Jam Man in Delay mode? Iīd like to have it as a passive looper in
my Aux chain, determining the loop length before I start playing and route
something into it every now and then without hitting the "record" button.
This would be a nice replacement if it can do the same trick. I didnīt
follow this thread recently; any info available as to when it will be in 
stores and what the retail price will be?



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