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Re: Best gear classified sites?

Personally, in my 26 eBay transactions I've had one that was less than
great, and it was a low-ticket item that took about two weeks longer
to arrive than advertised.  However, I only bid on things from people
with sat ratings of 99% or higher. although even that's no perfect

But, if you're not going to go the eBay route, I'd recommend
craigslist in your area, assuming you're in the USA, since it doesn't
seem nearly so active overseas.  It's basically like placing an ad in
the newspaper, except it's free and instant.  It does have the
drawback that if you're selling you'll have to put up with the hassle
of strangers coming to your house, where they now know that you have
at least one desirable item, and maybe casing the joing for an
un-escorted return visit, but nothing's perfect.


On 7/12/05, David Coffin <dpcoffin@earthlink.net> wrote:
> Greetings, got some gear to sell, and it's been a while; have any
> new, active classified gear sites emerged? Been using Harmony
> Central, which seems unchanged; don't want to get mixed up with ebay
> for some reason, but if anyone's got some strong arguments/good
> suggestions for going that route, be glad to hear 'em.
> Thanks!
> dc
> (btw, the gear is: tcelectroncs D-2 delay, Eventide Eclipse, Korg
> AM8000R)