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Re: Midi Control EDp

At 08:02 16/07/05, you wrote:
> > you wanna be no. 1 experimenter?
>You're scaring me, man...

aw c'mon

> > try this,
> >program your FCB to also send prog change on the button presses.
> > so the button for "Insert=SUB" also send the prog change for the
>preset with Quant=8th ..and all the others have prog change for the
>preset with Quant=OFF
> >Now, if the FCB1010 sends prog change before noteOn (and I'm pretty
>sure it does) you're in with a chance that you get exactly what you want
>without any more buttons used up.

> >...no guarantees though, I don't know if the EDP will respond as hoped.

tried it here, and it seems to all work fine.