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RE: My "Pretty Song"...

I called it "drivel", TJ, but I was being facetious in a self
deprecating way in response to Claude's expression of personal feeling
about the tune. I'd be betraying myself if I were to downgrade anything
I played and recorded live. I am a multi-faceted player, and everything
I do on stage is fully intentionally and played with conviction. Sure,
I'd rather be playing off the wall, experimental music (that being the
ideal state), but despite my comments about growing weary of "pretty
music", I always mix it up at my performances, incorporating many
genres, complexities, and feels - jazz, world, Indian, fusion,
free-style, pop, country, atonal, tonal, rhythmic, non-rhythmic, etc.
Nothing is sacred, or all is sacred for me.  I'm only an extremist in
thought, hardly ever in practice. :)

If you like that tune, you might like these as well..

"Behind the Scenes": http://box.net/public/khartung/files/299971.html
(not pre-written like that previous song, but entirely improvised,
chords and all...a little more difficult to call Band in a Box, given
the jazz chord voicings and free-style I'm using)

"Through and Through": http://box.net/public/khartung/files/298261.html
(another improvised tune, more contemporary and pop-like)

"Places": http://box.net/public/khartung/files/251380.html (from my
debut solo CD "Places"....free flowing intro, all improvised)

"On Park Center": http://box.net/public/khartung/files/251379.html (from
my debut solo CD "Places"...derived from a jazz chart I wrote several
years ago)

All these taken from my catalogue of over 75 downloadable MP3s, here:

By the way, I like your sex analogy! I don't see that comparison that
often. :)



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At the risk of sounding very pedestrian, I liked "My Pretty Song." I
don't quite understand why it has to be labeled "band-in-a-box" or
"drivel." Sure, it may have under-utilized the sonic potential of Kris'
rack, but I'd rather listen to a pretty song than an EDP version of
Metal Machine Music. To my unschooled ears, far too much looping sounds
like something that should have been done in the privacy of the
"musician's" bedroom or shower.

In my opinion, playing music live is a lot like sex, the reactions and
feedback from your partner (or your audience) make the difference
between a good gig and a bad one. Tricky Kama Sutra moves are pretty
unsatisfying if your partner isn't getting into it. Conversely, pretty
straight up stuff can be a lot of fun if your partner is getting off.
There's a lot to be said for groove and melody.

-Admittedly, the sex partner and audience analogy does break down.  
Where audiences are concerned, bigger is usually better.