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Re: It's not Purple, it's Blue!

congratulations on the new tool,that must be the digitech bill at geman village music huas was talkin about.how long does that thing loop?will you run it to "one" of your mixer inputs or thru the effects loop so you can loop all the channels?i wish i had a mixer.lol....boat drinks,     scary visionary

<wklemmer1@yahoo.com> wrote:
I happily received my Digitech Jamman yesterday from AMS. It comes nicely presented in a hefty box with included power supply & 128 MB CompactFlash card. The unit is hefty, too. Similar, in a sense, to the boss Loop Station. I did a quick & dirty hookup to my Fender Cyber-Deluxe amp through the effects loop. This is definitely not the ideal configuration but I just wanted to give it a run-through. Ultimately, I'd hook the output of the Jamman to one of my mixer inputs and listen via monitors.
I have to say the operation of the pedal is easily understood, albeit the pedal has less functionality than an EDP. For some reason, the Jamman was pre-loaded with some rock-oriented drums & bass patterns in several loops. I proceeded to delete those asap. I haven't experimented yet with the Autorecord function but used the pedal's normal Record function. Unfortunately, I was wearing flip-flops at the time so I kept screwing up my initial loop timing. Lesson learned. But, the operation of using the onboard pedals seemed to me to be very suitable.
I didn't spend a whole lot of time tweaking tone or levels but the overall sound characteristic seemed just a little muddy to me. Again, I probably need to get my configuration up to speed before I pass judgement.
I guess I'm going to pop for the three-button switch to control loop-up & loop down as I don't want to be twisting knobs on the floor. I have an older Digitech three-button switch. Wonder if it will work?
For the money ($299), this strikes me as an awesome pedal. Up to 99 loops is very nice. The larger CompactFlash cards offer tons of recording time. The included USB port is a really nice freeby. Unfortunate, the pedal doesn't have MIDI sync nor any feedback control nor a fade out feature. But, for 3 bills...I like the reference to the original Jamman pedal but it occurred to me that the new Jamman doesn't function as a Delay device.
The proof is in the pudding, though. The pedal inspired me toplay for over an hour and I did some pretty nice things and had some fun even with a half-assed quick setup. I think I'm goint to have with this pedal.
Regards, Paul

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