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Re: Augustus Loop, now with better MIDI sync

Hi Per,

glad you like the new update!

I've really not changed anything more than I mentioned in the release  
notes. If you're finding improvements in other area, then I guess  
that's either coincidence, or maybe like you say now the sync  
features are working better the rest of it 'feels' better too.


On 22 Jul 2005, at 15:36, Per Boysen wrote:
> I'm a happy user now, but I wonder what else you have changed? It  
> seems like it doesn't go out of sync that much any longer after  
> changing beat divisor or wacking audio by the reverse function.
> Or maybe this stable feel is because I'm using Augustus Loop now as  
> the master looper? (sending MIDI clock to Ableton Live and my  
> FireworX "pre amp / fx processor" unit)
> August now delivers that cool "first loop tempo setting" option.  
> For my looping taste Augustus Loop as the master is the perfect  
> balance between control and wackyness - I mean Augustus doesn't  
> always come back right on the downbeat. Sometimes when I have  
> transposed the loop a dozen times, or reversed it etc, it is a  
> quarter note off or so and then you'll have to kick in the revers  
> for a second - or change the beat divisor and back again. These  
> tricks use to get the loop back into the beat, which is amazing  
> because Augustus Loop is supposed to be a free flowing tape delay  
> simulator? You must have done something new to this version in that  
> meter syncing department!
> Greetings from Sweden