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re: It's not Purple, t's Blue

Mark Sottilaro wrote:
"No feedback
control takes a looper off my list of things to get
and as a big fan of the original JamMan, I consider it
false advertising to name something as different as
this new box is to the classic looper."

I hear you Mark but, frankly,  I'm so old school that I had the exact same 
thought when
Oberheim put out the Echoplex.     Man it had nothing to do with the 
tube/tape Echoplexes
I used to play with and I was 1) bummed and 2) upset about false 
adverstising...........................lol,    boy was I wrong about that 
one.   I love my EDPs now!!!!!!
.....................interestingly enough,  I don't even think about the 
of the seventies when I hear the name Echoplex now.......

and no midi sync on the JamPerson?      ouch!!!!!!!!

Still in the $300 range it actually sounds awesome up against the DL4 and 
the RC-20