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Re: Delurk, intro and a couple of questions.

Hi again, and thanks for the input, all.

Based on the comments thus far it seems I may be heading down the 
Tonelab SE route, regarding amp selection. I'd thought that might be the 
case. (Oh, my current Pod Pro is the original model, so I'm sure the XT 
version is more advanced.) I'm currently trying the NI Guitar Rig out, 
and it does indeed seem to be fun rather than... musical, I suppose.

Some people on Harmony Central seem to complain about the Tonelab's lack 
of (I assume) Rectifier sound-alike high gain models, but that wouldn't 
really be a problem for me. At least with Älymystö the rest of the 
soundscape tends to have all the distortion we need, so I like to sneak 
in with clean and/or strange ringmodish sounds. A lot of bands -- 
especially in the heavier end of the musical spectrum -- seem to have 
the impression that more is better, but I usually try to play as little 
as possible to get the effect, contrast and dialogue I'm looking for. 
That's my jazz influece showing, I guess.

As far as the laptop pick is concerned, I'll have to reconsider the PC 
option. Thanks for the heads-up. (And I hope I didn't accidentally spark 
another PC vs. Mac debate. :))