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RE: The PiNG presents...

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> From: Hartung, Kris [mailto:kris.hartung@hp.com] 
> Sent: Sunday, July 10, 2005 7:09 PM
> To: scott@dreamstate.to; Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
> Subject: RE: The PiNG presents Io with General Chaos Visuals
> Is this open to musicians only from Toronto?  I think I 
> emailed someone
> from Ambient Ping last year, and they said they were considering or
> preparing to allow performances from musicians from other countries.  
> Kris

Hi Kris,

Sorry for my late reply. I can be slooow...
The PiNG is very open to appropriate performers from other
cities and countries. The problem is that we don't look after
gov. paperwork and fees for the border crossing, so artists
are on their own for getting here. Many wonderful artists
do visit from the States despite that hurdle. I've been
surprised that I don't get more enquires from ambient/experimental
loopers on this list - especially with regard to the
Planet Of The Loops series.

Scott M2