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Re: Delurk, intro and a couple of questions.

Title: Re: Delurk, intro and a couple of questions.
here is how i have eliminated any degredation of my guitar signal and varying the volume @ the same time.
it took me forever to figure it out(thanks to JimThomas of the MERMEN!)-i use that aforementioned EB 25K pedal <in the efx loop>. that is, between the pre amp and power amp. once you have brought that low voltage guitar signal up to pre amp(line) level...you can manipulate the signal every which way. but 1st you have to get that signal boosted by the pre-that way you will always have a way beefee signal-even w/ volume pedal wanking...course i have always used  guitar tube amps for my guitar tones-so that makes a difference too. varying an already weak voltage guitar volume is asking for signal strength trouble...
imho fwiw

I guess Ernie Ball didn't consider planned obsolescence on those units!  :)   I forgot, they make a stereo volume pedal too, which also functions as a panner. I sold mine because I already had too many pedals on the floor, but I suppose there are some interesting applications of that unit. I've done weird things with volume pedals in the past, like putting a stereo volume pedal in between the last effect unit in the signal chain and the power amp...then off to the speakers. That eliminates the gain loss when you place the volume pedal after the guitar and before your first unit in the signal chain - which has a similar gain decrease effect as the guitar's volume pot...that is useful too, especially if you are using a lot of distortion and you want to clean it up to a half dirty, half clean tone.

Check this out  http://www.ernieball.com/site/content/products_frame_pedals.php  See the 25K pedal? Interesting. And look at the cute little junior models...awhhhh.


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Per, Kris,

I concure. I used a variety of volume pedals during the '80s but switched
to the Ernie Ball volume pedal in the 90s and have been happ with it
ever since. Like Kris says, it's built like a tank. !'ve had the same one
for nearly 15 years and havent had to even change the potentiometer
(the one thing that sometimes goes bad on 'em) yet.

Best regards,

tEd kiLLiAn

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Per, have you tried the Ernie Ball volume pedal? I use it primarily because, number one is is built like a tank, and two it has a very wide sweep control with the foot, unlike the feel on, let's say, a Roland EV5 expression pedal. That's how I get my volume swells, keyboard/organ emulations, etc. I like the control and spartan design of the pedal.

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