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Re: Drum-machine song construction tips?

No doubt computers are more flexible,but have u tried
the mpc1000?i love the feel of its pads, it syncs
great to the EDP,and usb transfer is wonderful,you can
also go to their web and download all the classic drum
machine sounds like the linn drum,Acetone and all the
vintage obscure beat boxes!i just wish they would have
given it more memory...but i have to get a dedicated
midi foot controller for it to mess with the different
midi functions it offers,track mute,next sequence,
etc.song mode can be very useful but i dont like to be
following a machine,so track muting and next sequence
seem to be more intuitive live.
I am curious how bands like Rush,Bowie etc. are
working nowdays, Peter Gabriel has a buch of laptops
on stage and he certainly does it very clever!

--- mark sottilaro <marksottilaro@sbcglobal.net>

> Hi.
> I've been using drum machines for years, and for the
> last 12 or so I've synced audio loopers (Lexicon
> JamMan and Electrix Repeater) to them. It's always
> worked great (and still does) but I think I use my
> drum machines in a somewhat non traditional way.  I
> use either a Korg Electribe ESX-1 or E-MU XL-7 to
> put
> together dense loops and then kind of randomly
> mute/unmute tracks while in song mode.  The lack of
> traditional song structure is great for the way I
> like
> to improvise.
> Well, this weekend I decided to put together
> something
> with a more "pop" structure and I found the song
> modes
> on both the above drum machines to be SO awkward
> compared to a DAW like Digital Performer or Logic, I
> ended up with nothing.
> So, am I just spoiled by modern computer
> sequencing...
> or am I approaching the drum machine song
> construction
> in the wrong way?  My idea is to avoid having to
> bring
> a laptop to gigs, but if it's going to be so much
> easier I'll do it.  I can get around pretty quickly
> in
> Digital Performer 4... then I started to think "well
> if I'm bringing a laptop for sequencing, why not use
> it as a sound source as well?"  The ESX-1 is a
> sampler
> and the XL-7 is a ROMpler so it's not like I'd have
> issues with a laptop not being able to have fast
> enough processors.
> So, if there's a song construction tip that you can
> think of, I'd love to hear it.  If you've found a
> better tool that lets one work more intuitively,
> (the
> Electribe has a way better interface than the E-MU
> IMO) I'd like to hear that as well.  If song
> construction in modern drum-machines is just a big
> pain compared to software, than I guess I'll abandon
> my little cute boxes for my current project.
> Thanks,
> Mark


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