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Re: Drum-machine tips and other LD additions

At 07:57 PM 7/25/2005, loop.pool wrote:
>but I thought the answer might be efficacious for other drum machine 
>programmers here at L.D.

Thanks Rick!

Along these lines, we recently had a nice article on drum machine 
programming contributed to the Looper's Delight "Tips and Tricks" section, 
called "Drum Programming, Loops, and Breakbeat Technique" by Nicolas Hall 
of Breakbeat Cafe:


It may help you get some funky life into your sterile beats.

And by the way, I'm always looking for new tutorial articles for the web 
site like this! If you have some knowledge you think would be helpful to 
other loopers, write something up and send it to me! (that includes you 

oh, and since I'm on the topic, here are some other new things added to 
site recently:

We got a nice new pic of the Boomerang from Mike Nelson, to replace the 
blurry old one:

There's a new section for the Boss DD-20 Giga Delay, with 2 nice reviews, 
specs, useful links, pics, etc:

There's a new section for the old Powertran Digital Delay Line, a piece of 

And at the prodding of Kris Hartung and the fact that we have a new server 
with vast untamed frontiers of disk space, the Looper's Delight file 
library now allows uploads up to 7.5MB! (instead of 2MB like before). 
are also sections now for videos if you have them. Check it out:

And as always I have a backlog of other stuff to add, but feel free to 
more into the queue if you want to contribute something.


Kim Flint                     | Looper's Delight
kflint@loopers-delight.com    | http://www.loopers-delight.com