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OT: MIDI routing questions

OK, if you were on the drum machine thread, I came to
a conclusion: Use the computer.  I'm sure it's
possible to do what I want using the drum machines
themselves, but hey, I've got a nice functioning
laptop and great software, so there you have it.  What
I make up for in ease of programming seems to be worth

But here's my new quesetion:

How does one deal with multiple devices that all want
to work on the same MIDI channels?  My E-MU XL-7 wants
all 16, but unless I keep it off the chain with my
other devices, I can't use other synths.  This isn't a
huge problem, but I'd like to be able to get sounds
from other devices.

The problem I have with keeping it off the chain is
that I loose the ability to control it with my MIDI
keyboard, which is nicer than it's own pads.  (though
it's the only drum machine/sequencer I know with

Any ideas?  I'm using a MOTU microexpress MIDI
interface, but I've got their small 2x2 jobbie in a
drawer somewhere.  Now I see why people go to
softsynths!  The cable routing alone makes my head