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Digital Performer / Logic (was: Re: Drum-machine song construction tips?

On Jul 26, 2005, at 19:49, mark sottilaro wrote:

> I keep hearing "Logic, Logic, Logic!"
> Is it truely all that?  I've been a happy Digital
> Performer user for years.  What about Logic makes
> people all coo-coo over it?

Hi Mark,

I don't own Digital Performer but many of my colleges do. I've been  
using Logic for 11 years, though. From many discussions I have  
learned that DP is as good as Logic, as long as you can adapt your  
work flow to DP. For pro's that may want to customize their working  
method Logic can be a more convenient tool. The latest version of DP  
have some cool pitch detecting functions that are much easier to work  
with then doing the same things in Logic. Logic on the other hand  
comes with boatloads of great software synths built-in (can only be  
used in Logic) as well as a treasure of pre-sets.

I once started using Logic when the ATari went out of business and  
hard disc recording got available (without buying a Syclavier or a  
Fairlight). I had been working with a lot of remix teams coming from  
the modern dance music scene and these guys where using C-Lab creator  
or Notator on Atari, while I was using Steinberg Cubes on Atari. I  
learned from hearing it with my own ears how much better midi  
programmed music grooved in C-Lab's software compared to Steinberg's,  
on the same hardware. So when Chris and Gerhard left C-Lab and  
started Emagic I knew they had brought with them the C-Lab code and I  
guessed they knew how to develop a midi sequencer that doesn't loose  
the groove if you mute a kick drum track (like cubase kept crapping  
out all the time, back then). It was an easy choice. But today it's  
not that easy. I think, if I should get into audio and sequencing  
today I would start with Ableton Live and maybe get Nuendo later on,  
if needed.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.looproom.com (international)
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
--->  iTunes Music Store (digital)