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Digitech Jamman - ready to mod !

Been off the list for a few years, but been looping for decades...
Just ordered one of those Digitech Jammans -should have it by the weekend...
I still own -and use- one of the original Lexicon Jammans.  I almost got one of
those Boss RC-20XL pedals, but I'm glad I waited.  Still.......
My main gripe...besides the MIDI sync and mono operation, with both
of these pedals, is the lack of a separate output for the metronome/rhythm guide.
Am I alone to think that it would be much more advantageous in a live setting to
be able to hear the click in either a personal stage monitor or ear-cup as opposed
to having it feed into the audience/mains ?  (not a rhetorical question)
If anybody else nabs one of these pedals and wants to help me figure out a way
to tap the click output at its volume control or elsewhere, let me/us know.
I don't care if it voids the warranty...if I can do it safely.